Terms and Conditions of Hire

In these conditions ‘Evans Marquee Hire’ are referred to as the company.

Unless special arrangements are made it will be understood that the marquee(s) are to be erected on grass, the ground is level and of easy access to the company’s transport. The hire charges do not include making good, or repair of, damage to site or property as a result of the company’s vehicle access. The hirer or his representative should inform the company’s contract foreman prior to erection of any underground services or property which could be damaged.

The company reserve the right to refuse to erect marquees if it is considered that the site is unsuitable. If the hirer is in any doubt about the suitability of any site the company will, upon request, inspect the site and advise prior to confirmation of booking. If the marquee is to be erected on a grassed site especially in a field of rough grass, the grass should be mowed reasonably short, to assist in the laying of the flooring or matting. Any excessive undulations in the ground surface should be filled with soil, sand etc. to help in providing a reasonably level surface for the salety of the occupants.

If the hirer is not satisfied with the standard of equipment or service provided by the company then the company should be informed via the office and allowed to rectify the situation before the event. Complaints will not be entertained unless received In writing within three days after the event. The company reserves the right to substitute alternative types of marquees and equipment. Hire charges for tables, chairs and covers do not include erecting and placing. Seating plan arrangements are the responsibility of the hirer. Upon completion of the arranged hire period the hirer is to ensure that the marquee is emptied of his equipmentin preparation for dismantling. Any delays will be chargeable to the hirer.

In the event of cancellation the following charges will be made:
Within 14 days of the arranged hire period ... 80% of the total hire charge
Within 30 days of the arranged hire period ... 50% of the total hire charge
Within 90 days of the arranged hire period ... 25% of the total hire charge

Responsibility, Insurance and Safety
Whilst on hire all marquees and equipment remain the responsibility of the hirer, and the hirer should arrange suitable security for the protection of the marquees and equipment. ‘Evans Marquee Hire’ are unable to provide such cover. Any omissions or breakages found by our staff on collection of the equipment will be charged to the hirer. Whilst the company covers the marquees and equipment for public liability the hirer is recommended to arrange insurance cover for fire, theft and malicious damage. The company accepts no responsibility for the customer’s equipment whilst stored in marquees. It is recommended that any fragile or valuable items should be removed for safekeeping whilst the marquee is unattended. Should the marquee be used for public entertainment it is recommended that the hirer should contact his local fire officer for advice on fire regulations, and local government regarding an entertainments licence. It is recommended that the hirer should contact their local electricity, gas and water boards, who can normally provide a plan to locate any underground cables or pipes. The company will make every endeavour to avoid this hazard both for the safety of staff and the protection of the hirer’s property, however any cost of repair to services is the responsibility of the hirer.

10% of the total hire charge with written order and balance at least 8 weeks prior to the event.

The company shall not be liable for delay or contracts incompleted due to any of the following:
(a) Unsuitable sites.
(b) Unaccessible sites. Should the site be over 50 metres from the parking site allocated for the company’s transport a further charge could be made.
(c) Wind conditions. Should high wind conditions prevail - force six or above - the marquees would be unable to be erected.
(d) Mechanical breakdown or adverse traffic conditions.

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