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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size of marquee I should book?

It is important not to have a marquee which is too small, or too spacious when it feels like there is a lack of guests. However it is a better feel to have it on the busier side. Considerations need to be made as to whether there is dancing, a band or disco, the type of tables, if there are a number of guests standing, if there is a chill out or bar area etc. We can discuss this with you and perhaps draw a scale computer drawing for you. To gain an idea of size please look at the accommodation chart.

What about an electrical supply to the marquee?

We normally take the power to the marquee from your household supply if within around 100 meters. However should the marquee be situated at a great distance from a supply, or there are doubts about the condition of your wiring then a generator should be used. We can then advise on what type of generator you should have.

Do the marquees become very cold in Winter?

We are increasingly providing marquees during the winter season. They are not solely just for summer as we can provide reliable ducted thermostatic heaters which can provide clean warm air at constant temperatures. It is adviseable to have doors during the colder period.

Do the marquees become too hot in the summer sunshine?

On very hot days it is adviseable to fold back some of the marquee sides so that the air can circulate. This is quite a simple task, and then as the evening progresses they can be put back as the temperature drops. It is good to open the sides on sunny days in order to benefit from views, or gardens, or to feel more of the outdoors.

Can the marquees be situated on hard standing?

If the marquee is to go on a hard surface it would need to be a frame marquee. This could be secured either by drilling the concrete for pinning/ pegging the marquee, or if the surface is not to be disturbed by securing by the use of water containers.

When do you put them up?

For such events as weddings or parties it is better to have the marquee erected in plenty of time. For a Saturday wedding we can arrive a couple or so days before so that flowers and layout can be installed in a much more relaxed way. The marquee can be removed at a convenient day with yourselves.

Does the ground need to be level?

The ground needs to be reasonably flat. However marquees can be erected on a slope and a moderate slope is acceptable which is often in keeping with the character of a marquee. We will advise on the suitability of any slope and if it is too much of a gradient, and there is not an alternative location we can arrange for a levelled floor to be installed.

How long will it take to erect?

A wedding or party marquee ‘package’ for around 100 guests takes a day, to a day and a half to assemble. They come down in much less time.

Could I see the layout of my marquee?

We can customise a scale plan of the marquee showing the tables and chairs, dance floor, band, drinks area etc., so that you can envisage how it will work on the day.

Can you decorate a barn or hall to give it a marquee look?

Yes we often fit wall lining or full marquee linings, lighting, and dance floors within village halls, barns, agricultural buildings to give a more economical venue. Often, depending on the way the ceilings are constructed we can install full marquee linings so that when you are inside it looks as if you are actually in a marquee.

Will it damage my grass?

The marquees are normally in situ for five to six days maximum which causes a slight yellowing of the grass. After a few days the grass gets back to normal without any detrimental effect.

Can I just book tables, chairs, bar counters or a dance floor, and not a marquee?

Yes we can provide furniture and equipment on its own.

Do you have employers and public liability insurance?

Yes we have employers and public liability insurance cover. Certificates can be provided on request. Information on loss, damage and cancellation are included within our terms and conditions of hire.

Do you need to see the site before the event?

We like to visit the location well before the event, when we can meet and discuss things in more detail. However if the booking, the access and the site is spacious there may be no need.

How do I make a booking?

Contact us by e-mail, phone or by post and we will provide a provisional quote. We can then arrange for a site visit to go through things in more detail and perhaps provide a scale plan of the layout at no cost to yourselves of course. Then to secure a booking we require a 10% deposit. It is sometimes possible to have a substantial discount for full prepayment.