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Traditional Marquees

Our traditional marquees are the most popular for wedding receptions and can provide the stylish setting for your special day. These are normally erected on grass and need an extra three feet of space on each side to allow for guy ropes. Their interior main poles provide the ideal location for flower arrangements.

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Traditional Marquee

Victorian Marquees

To give that old style 'British Garden Party' look is an alternative to the pristine lined marquee. An Indian cotton canvas marquee, showing the wooden poles, stitching, wooden runners and perhaps being decked out in coloured or themed bunting, gives you that special atmosphere.

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Victorian Marquee

Frame Marquees

Our aluminium frame structures are a much more adaptable option. These are ideal for hard surfaces such as patios and car parks where space is at a premium and there is not room for guy ropes or where a clear span is preferred. These can be lined and trimmed similarly to traditional marquees.

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Frame Marquee

Film, TV and Historical

For over 30 years numerous film and TV companies, such as Yorkshire, Granada, Central and the BBC have been supplied from our extensive stocks of period and modern marquees and equipment. Many a Period Drama, Comedy, Soap or documentary have used an Evans marquee including, Coronation St, Emmerdale, Little Britain, Tess of the D'Urbevilles, Heartbeat, The Royal, Born and Bred, Midsomer Murders, Harry Enfield's 'Harry and Paul', The Great British Village Show: BBC Alan Titchmarsh, the recent Meercat advert, the recent Renault Megane advert: 'Joie de vivre', Harry and Paul: Henley Royal Northern Show, Hot Fuzz, BBC Blandings and many others.
For local and national historical events we have supplied period and military marquees and tents for such as Georgian and Maritime Festivals, Victorian Village fayres, Military vehicle rallies, battle re-enactments and Air-Shows. For more details on what we can provide for your event please contact our experts.

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Film, TV and Historical


For something different we are able to install an eastern themed interior to the marquee. Please contact us for more details.

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Themed Marquee